This program runs September 2019-June 2020 for youth aged 15-19 looking to enter the field of journalism.

EXPLORE! DIG! WRITE! With the Young Journalist Program.

This elite program allows Young Journalists to meet professionals in many fields of journalism, enabling them to ask questions and get the real scoop on what journalism is today as well as in the future.

Young Journalists will create a print and/or online newspaper to give them practical experience in writing content, editing, organizing and publishing content.

Using this content, the Young Journalists will create a portfolio that can be used to improve their chances of acceptance to the degree program of their choice.



Play drawing games, improve your art style, learn to make comics both online and on paper, and pitch ideas, plus lots more! Hang out with like-minded artists and comic writers. Work on individual projects or collaborate. Focus on topics that will help you expand your skill set. Pen & Panel classes are on the first and third Thursday of each month from 5:00 – 6:30. Ages 12 and up. September – June, join anytime. The class fees include a full year of classes from the time you sign up. Join in anytime. (Members $175.00, Non-Members $230.00). – REGISTER

Drop-In Fees – Not ready to commit? Have a crazy schedule? Want to check out Pen & Panel? Drop into a session and see what you think. Members $10.00, Non-members $15.00. (Exact change only please).

PD DAYS 2019-2020


Join us for a fun, unique learning experience on your favourite subject when you’re not in school! We have all the best instructors who can guarantee you a great day.

Sept 20, 2019 – Behind the Scenes of Books with Suzy Vadori
Readers unite! Participants will take a look behind the scenes at what goes into their favorite stories, learning about the writing and publishing process. They’ll explore ways to express our thoughts about books, including book reports, reviews and book club question format, which build on skills needed in the Alberta curriculum in an interesting way. Through games, discussion of books they’ve read or want to read, and an excursion to the local library, the kids will gain a whole new appreciation for the world of escape reading provides. Readers from beginner to voracious welcome.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

Oct 11, 2019 – Time Travel Tales with Simon Rose – Time travel has long been a common theme in books and movies and time travel tales continue to be popular. In this workshop you’ll create a time machine, learn how to make your idea believable, examine the importance of research, write an outline for your adventure, the dramatic opening chapter, and an attention-grabbing paragraph for the back cover of your book.

Nov 1, 2019 – A Day in a Fictional World with Suzy Vadori
Come to camp prepared to immerse yourself in a creative world of make believe. We’ll create a set of rules for the day that reflect the worlds each student wants to write about, and role play characters. Using flash fiction prompts, poetry, and a variety of writing techniques throughout the day, students will come away with a whole new appreciation for the worlds their favorite stories are set in, and a basis for their next writing project.

Nov 22, 2019 – Superstuff: Create your own superhero with Simon Rose – In this workshops, you’ll invent your own unique superhero, with incredible superpowers, extended families and one or more archenemies. You’ll create a detailed biography of the character, complete with an origin story, fascinating facts about their superpowers and weaknesses, their secret identity, family and friends, their secret headquarters, their most deadly archenemy and more. You’ll also draw your creation, create a dynamic and eye-catching cover for a comic book, and write a newspaper-style action-packed story about a battle between the hero and their main villain.

Jan 31, 2020 – A Day of Dungeons and Dragons with Kim Firmston – pull up a chair, grab some dice, and let’s hide away from the cold winter with stories of bravery, boldness, and gold. Battle dragons, solve puzzles, and fight for glory with your friends. No experience or equipment needed to play this great Fantasy Role Playing Game. All grades and experience levels welcome. *If you wish to bring your own character, they should be at level 3-4 from Edition 5.

Feb 13, 2020 (Thurs during the teachers’ convention) Exploring New Ways to Write with Suzy Vadori
From Fantasy to Mystery, Graphic Novels to Poetry, we’ll explore different ways writers use words to entertain, and even try a hand at these formats ourselves. We’ll draw on games, writing prompts and a trip outdoors to inspire our activities. This camp is a great inspiration for avid readers and writers, opening up a world of possibilities.