Collaborative learning happens at the AWCS Homeschool programs

Homeschool Writing Courses


AWCS Home School classes incorporate creative learning in an engaging setting. Students will explore writing in unique ways utilizing their imagination and innovation in our no-fail atmosphere. We make writing fun! (Subsidies available to families in need).

Lunch Time Supervision Available


Step into Writing for Beginners with Debbie Schotanus

Learn the basics of sentence structure, grammar, spelling, reading, punctuation, and formatting your work. Use all this to write your own adventurous and magical stories!

  • 8 week course
  • Sept 23-Nov 25 (No class on Oct 14 & Nov 11)
  • 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Grades 1-4

Writing with Exceptional Language with Suzy Vadori

Everyday language can be shaped to create pictures in a reader’s mind. Students will discover the playful side of the English language, testing its limits using literary devices to make words pop off the page. Visual ways to write will also be incorporated, including layout, cursive writing and calligraphy.

  • 8 Week Course
  • Sept 23-Nov 25 (No class on Oct 14 & Nov 11)
  • 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Grades 5-12

World Building 101 with Suzy Vadori

Explore literary worlds with Fantasy, Magic and Fairytales. Learn about language, culture, landscape, political systems and currency. Build worlds and stories, incorporating grammar, parts of speech and the story process.

  • 8 Week Course
  • Sept 23-Nov 25 (No class on Oct 14 & Nov 11)
  • 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
  • All ages


Writing Historical Fiction with Simon Rose

Learn how to write an effective, authentic, and appealing story in this genre and become fully immersed in the chosen time period. Understand what defines historical fiction and different time periods, how to create believable settings, plausible characters, and the role of research in the creation of the story.

  • 8 Week Course
  • Sept 23-Nov 25 (No class on Oct 14 & Nov 11)
  • 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
  • Junior High / High School

Year-long Evening Classes

FOR EVEN MORE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES visit our PD Day Workshops and Camps!


Why Choose AWCS Homeschool Writing Courses?

Our teachers have years of teaching experience. All our teachers have worked with children and in their professions for a number of years. They are passionate writers who care about sharing their knowledge with the next generation and do so in unique and entertaining ways.  They are also police record checked to ensure student safety.

All children deserve an education that meets their needs. Our teachers have experience working with children with learning disabilities and other unique learning needs. Please feel free to discuss what your child needs to make their learning valuable.

We are responsive. If there is a need in the home school community for a language based class such as poetry, movie making, non-fiction/essay writing, or the like – let us know, and if there is enough interest, we will find a teacher and book it. If there is something your child needs to accomplish in their learning plan that isn’t being met at home, talk to your AWCS homeschool teacher and they can find a way to work it into their curriculum. If you have an idea to make our program better, share it! We love to listen.

We cover the Alberta Curriculum outcomes of study. In our writing courses we cover the six English Language Arts outcomes: listen, speak, read, write, view and represent. If you are following the Alberta Curriculum, you can feel confident that this will be fulfilled in your child’s learning.

We have a zero bullying policy. In our classes your children are safe to discover, make mistakes, and learn with freedom.

Your child will need a notebook, pens/pencils, and a folder for handouts. If they are happier on a laptop/tablet they are welcome to bring that too.

Group Bookings are available. Contact us for details or to schedule your group.

For more information on any of these programs, please contact Youth Program Director, Kim Firmston, at