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AWCS YOUTH MEMBERSHIP – $50.00 annually

Become an AWCS Youth Member today! Not only does your membership last a full year from the time of purchase, but membership includes discounts on all our classes, clubs, camps, homework help, and more! As a bonus, membership includes five special, members only, events held throughout the year, and a (virtual) Frozen Frog Wand which gives you the ability to bring a friend to any of our clubs, classes, or member events without a drop in fee three times before it thaws and hops away (not applicable to workshops or camps).


Whether you want to join one club or bounce through them all using your club pass, our clubs will open up the world of writing to you. Fees include a full year of club participation from the time you sign up. Jump in at any point of the year to start your journey.

Club Pass – Go to all the clubs and save $100! Club passes are available for $175.00 for Youth Members or $230.00 for Non-members. The pass lasts a full year from the time you get it. GET ONE TODAY

Drop-In Fees – Not ready to commit? Have a crazy schedule? Want to check out a club? Drop into a session and see what you think.

  • Club Drop-in Rates: $10.00 (Exact change only please).
  • D&D Club Drop-in Rates: $20.00 for members (Exact change only please).


Reality Is Optional Kids’ Writing Club (RIO) – Improve your writing while playing games. Take part in our yearly activities – Dead Author’s Night (Oct), LARPing Adventure (Dec), Kill the Princess Night (Jan), and more! Enjoy such games as Space Race, Ninja Poetry, and Late Night with RIO. Make 5 second movies, radio plays, micro mini novels, weird ads, and collaborate like you’ve never done before. Get wild with your writing, art, and improv. Play with your words! All grades! All levels!

RIO meets on the second and fourth Monday of the month from 5:00 – 6:30. (Occasionally rescheduled due to holidays). All Ages. Sept-June. (Members $75.00, Non-Members $100.00) Free with Club Pass or register for RIO exclusively.

Novelmancers Novel Writing Club – Heading out on a long project can be hard, but it’s made easier with friends. If you’re serious about writing and want to get that novel done, join us and lighten the load. We explore all aspects of novel writing from character to climax and everything in between. Novelmancers meet the second Thursday of every month. 5:00-6:30. All Ages. Sept-June. (Members $50.00, Non-Members $65.00) Free with Club Pass or register for Novemancers exclusively

Rogue Poets Poetry Club – Explore what poetry can be, then take it past those limits. Join Em Williamson, on a journey to the outer edges of poetry. Rogue Poets regularly have the opportunity to perform on stage as a group or individually (optional). The Rogue Poets meet the first and third Tuesday of every month from 5:00 – 6:30. Grades 7-12. Sept-June. (Members $75.00, Non-Members $100.00) Free with Club Pass or register for Rogue Poets exclusively.

Dungeons & Dragons Role Playing Game Club – Enjoy fantasy? Want to live it? Then join us for this epic and wildly creative game called Dungeons and Dragons. Battle monsters, solve puzzles, find treasure and learn to work in a team while telling and experiencing your story together. D&D club meets on the last Saturday every month from 6:00 – 9:00 PM (Occasionally rescheduled). Grades 5-12. Sept-May. (Members $75.00, Non-Members $100.00).  Free with Club Pass or register for D&D Club exclusively


MEMBERS EVENTS – Created by the youth themselves, these fun Saturday nights may include anything from a party, movie night, board games, or something else. Become a member and find out what we have in store! You can even help plan them by joining the Event Planning Committee (contact Kim Firmston for more information

AWCS YOUTH COUNCIL – Do you want to influence how the AWCS Youth programs are run? Do you want to help them continue to become a thing of greatness? Join us on the steering committee, not only does it look good on your resume/scholarship application, but it is also a wonderful way to support your youth writing community. (contact Kim Firmston for more information

AWCS YOUTH IN THE COMMUNITY – A couple of times a year our youth are encouraged to join larger projects where we partner with other creative community groups. In the past, we have worked with Rocket House on the International Children’s Festival, Ramsay Robots on BeakerHead, and Calgary Reads for Reading Week, among others. It’s a great way to get some cool stuff on your resume! Contact Kim Firmston to find out what we have in store and how to get involved.

TAKE PART IN WRITING AN E-ZINE (electronic magazine) – four times a year our youth programs come out with an electronic magazine on our website Club members and students are encouraged to send in their art, writing, ads, photography, poetry, stories, novel excerpts, and whatever else they have created. We are always looking for new stuff! You can submit online or in person at one of our club meetings.

WANT TO SEE OUR SCHEDULE? For a complete schedule of AWCS Youth Programs, fun games created by our members, writing resources for youth, and our electronic magazine (E-Zine)  visit the AWCS Youth Programs website.

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS, Need a subsidy? Please contact Youth Program Director, Kim Firmston. She would be happy to help.