See our AWCS Youth Summer Online programming – now open to registrations!

Dungeons and Dragons РAdventures Academy РG5-12 
Learn the Japanese Language – Travel Basics(All Ages including Adults!)
Midnight Academy (G8+)
Campfire Sing along (full family fun!)
Novelmancer Write In (all ages – come write with us!)
Anime and Manga Club (G8+)
Art Club (All grades)

JULY (camps are usually 1.5 hours per day)

Technological Poetry: Poetry in the Age of Information (Jr/Sr High)

Journalism Camp (G6+)
Write a Rainbow (all grades)
Fairytales and Folklore camp (all grades)
The World Beyond (G4-7)

AUGUST (camps are usually 1.5 hours per day)
Radio Plays (all grades)
Make a Movie (all grades)
Let’s Get Questing (all grades)
Camp Superbad Villian Smite! (jr/sr high)
Rock the Personal Response (jr/sr high)