What You Will Get

You can expect a throrough review of your manuscript addressing what is working in your story and what is not and suggestions on how to improve.

The manuscript reviewer will address all areas of story development: character, dialogue, world, plot, description, conflict, language and overall readability.

For poetry you will receive feedback on form, style, what is working and what is not and suggestions for improvement.

If you have specific areas you know need attention and are looking for suggestions, please include those items and any specific questions with your initial submission.

You will receive a full written review on your manuscript and in some cases (at the discretion of the reviewer) a face to face meeting to discuss the manuscript further. Upon return of your review, you may open a dialogue with the reviewer to clarify certain items mentioned, usually by email.

Please remember, reviewers are writers, too, and everyone’s opinions are subjective. In the end, it’s your story and you get to choose what you do with it.

You may request a specific reviewer and we will do our best to match you with that person, however, we cannot guarantee you will get the reviewer of your choice due to availability and time constraints.

The whole process from submission to return of manuscript may take 4-6 weeks, usually shorter.