Free Fall Writing Sessions

AWCS uses the “free fall” method of creative writing as the basis for all instruction. The free fall method of writing was first introduced by W.O Mitchell, and further refined by Michael Fay when he set up his own creative writing courses.

Free Fall Method of Writing

The free fall method of writing encourages the writer to write without editing as they go. That editorial instinct to edit as you write, common to most writers, can be tempting but also time-consuming and counterproductive.

W.O. Mitchell’s free fall method encourages writers to switch off their inner editor and just write as the thoughts come into their minds, relying on sensory information and memories. The writer can edit after the piece is finished, but during the process, it is essential the writer does not revise his or her work.

Our Free Fall Writing Sessions take it a step further. You will meet great people, have lots of laughs, share in a fun and supportive environment, learn ways to develop new ideas for writing projects, ie: verbal cues, images, sentences, snippets of dialogue.

Although it’s encouraged, you don’t have to share your writing. There is no critiquing involved in free fall. This is meant to only let your subconscious flow freely onto the page.

Break through writer’s block. Have fun. And write.

Daytime Sessions

Every Friday | 10am to noon | AWCS Members: Free | Non-Members: $5

Our daytime sessions have been a staple of AWCS programming for several years. We are proud of the commitment of our volunteers and members who help make this program what it is. All new members are welcome to come down and join us and practice the free fall method. If you want to bring a guest, or you’re a non-member looking to try something different, great: but there is a $5 drop in fee for any non-members.

Evening sessions are held two Thursdays a month from 7-9pm. Please check the events page for upcoming sessions.

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