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WIR Workshop – More Bang For Your Buck: How Form and Content Can Work Together in Fiction and Poetry

Judith Pond
10-3:30 pm
March 21, 2020
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A writer should hold the reins with authority, but with enough ease to let the writing offer surprise. Paradoxically, writing that sings is intentional on many levels. One form of intention in writing is the craft of allowing the content of narrative to dictate its form. Concrete poetry could be said to be an example of form emulating content. This workshop will give participants the opportunity to study examples of both prose and poetry in which form evolves from content, and to create a short piece of such writing to read aloud.
This workshop will also give instruction on public reading.


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- Level: All Levels - Course Type: Fiction, Creative Nonfiction - Genre: All Genres - Event: Writer In Residence

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