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ONLINE – WIR Workshop – Foregrounding Language In Fiction and Poetry

Judith Pond
10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm
April 25, 2020
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Similar to form that emulates content, language used with intention enhances a reader’s pleasure in a text. The difference between the two techniques is that foregrounding language is more subliminal—less visual—than form emulating content. It requires an intense listening on the part of the writer, similar to the acoustic attention demanded by poetry. A long apprenticeship to poetry has heightened my own attention to language, and informs my prose line by line. I consciously—and unconsciously—build subtle subliminal assonances, agreements, and acoustic balancings into my own prose. This workshop encourages participants to hear words, both for themselves, and for how, when placed judiciously, words enhance and layer the coloring of prose lines, for emotional and poetic effect.

This is an interactive workshop using the Zoom web conferencing platform. 


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- Level: All Levels - Course Type: Fiction, Poetry - Genre: All Genres - Event: Writer In Residence

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