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The Novel from Scratch

Rosemary Nixon
7:00pm - 9:30pm
January 17, 2019 (10 Weeks)
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Participants for this course will just be beginning a novel or be about to. We will consider the importance of defamiliarization in our diction and syntax as we study beginnings, how to capture voice and tone from the get-go, how to create and maintain a psychologically-sizzling setting, developing a character’s consistency, then moving them into complexity (including effective dialogue), ways to build narrative tension and suspense and anything else we can fit into the class to give you a fabulous kick-start to your new novel you’ve been wanting to write.

Course Format: Mini-lecture, workshopping participants’ writing excerpts, analyzing published writers’ excerpts, discussion, short weekly homework assignments pertaining specifically to the needs of the new novels-in-progress.

Rosemary Nixon is a pre-eminent short story writer, novelist, free-lance editor, her 4th book Are You Ready To be Lucky? nominated for The Frank O’Connor International Prize, and North American Forewords IndieFab Award. Rosemary, editor for Freehand Press, has recently been nominated for the Lois Hole Excellence in Editing Award. 


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