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Summer D&D meets The Hunger Games (Ages 16-Adult)

Anna Jakubowych
Every second Friday from June 12
7-10 PM
June 12 (6 times)
Member Price: $100
Non-member Price: $130

Whether you’re a total newbie who’s always heard of Dungeons and Dragons but never had the chance to play, someone who played when they were ten but hasn’t had the chance since, or an experienced player who wants to spend some enjoyable summer evenings adventuring with others  – come and game with us online. (No experience or equipment needed).

May The Dragons Be Ever in Your Favour

Join us for an amazing campaign where D&D meets “televised hunger games”. Compete in a Dungeon Crawl of various rooms where teams compete for the keys. Extra points for style! Will you survive?


5 available
Member - D&D - Adult$100.00

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5 available
Non-Member - Summer D&D - Adult$130.00

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- Level: Age 16 - Adult - Course Type: Fantasy Role Playing

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