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Show vs. Tell

Susan Forest
Saturday & Sunday
February 1 & 2, 2020
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The first “rule” of fiction is to “show” story events scenically through action, as opposed to “telling” the story. But how is that accomplished? What are the craft techniques that lead to page-turning stories that immerse the reader so she forgets the book in her hands, and lives the story in imagination? And…when is “telling” the tool of choice? This two-day intensive workshop will explore techniques such as time dilation and interweaving dialogue, internal monologue, description, action, and emotion into well-structured, purposeful scenes.

Students should bring a half-page of work they consider “told” to workshop into a “shown” scene.


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5 available
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- Level: All Levels - Course Type: Fiction, Memoir - Genre: All Genres - Event: Weekend Intensive

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