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Second Draft Blues

Anne Metikosh
October 7, 2019 (6 Weeks)
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When the thrill of completing your first draft wears off, you’re faced with fixing its flaws.   The prospect is so daunting, it’s tempting to start with the little things first, like correcting spelling mistakes and deleting all words that end in -ly. But quick fixes are not the answer; the burst of satisfaction they give you won’t last. Because you still need to tackle the bigger issues. You know what they are: plot holes or flat prose; a muddled narrative or a bad case of thesaurusitis. Too much detail or not enough. A lack of realism. In this 6-week course we’ll examine these problems and figure out how to solve them. Don’t worry; it can be done! Don’t let the Second Draft Blues get you down!


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- Level: Intermediate, Complete Manuscript - Course Type: Fiction - Genre: All Genres

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