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Rock the Personal Response

Erin Vance
August 19-20 (Two days)
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For standardized exams in Alberta, students have to write a critical essay, complete a reading comprehension test, and write a personal response paper. While teachers spend a lot of time on critical essay writing and reading comprehension, there often isn’t a lot of time left to dedicate to the personal response, which, when done well can be both a huge grade boost AND a fun experience. In this camp, we will go through ALL of the possibilities of a personal response and how to write them (did you know you could write a monologue? A series of letters? A rant?!). We will also look at our strengths and weaknesses and explore how best to approach this section of the PAT or diploma exams. Get creative and get ready to rock your personal responses!


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- Level: Jr/Sr High School - Youth Programming: Summer online

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