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Polishing Our Sentences to Dazzling Gems

Rosemary Nixon
June 21, 2019
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We want our readers not merely to read about, but to experience, the worlds we create; for the best creative work is much more than a plot idea; it is one great sentence after another, each filled with resonance, vitality and verve. Rosemary Nixon calls these rogue sentences, sentences that roil with energy, surprising and overtaking unsuspecting readers, sweeping them deep into a story which, through the power of its language, becomes a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Join Rosemary in a delightful discovery of evocative sentences, what makes them sparkle, and polishing our own into dazzling gems.


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- Level: All Levels - Course Type: Fiction, Creative Nonfiction - Genre: All Genres - Event: Workshop

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