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ONLINE Let’s Talk About Dialogue

Heather Osborne
6-9pm MST
February 22, 2021
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Are you having difficulty mixing dialogue with setting and character? Ever feel like you’re jumping from a block of description to a block of action, without creating a flow between the two? Getting the right balance of description, dialogue, and action in your scenes can be tricky. A strong paragraph uses all three elements, working together, to help create tension, deepen characterization, and advance the plot. Once you have the basics down, you can mix and match the three elements to create a quick, choppy, tense scene, or a slow dramatic one. In this three-hour mini workshop, ideal for the beginning fiction writer, we’ll start with the basics—punctuating dialogue—and then use writing exercises to develop a variety of combinations of description, dialogue, and action.

This is an interactive online class using the Zoom web platform.

Heather Osborne writes science fiction, fantasy, and romance. She earned her doctorate of creative writing from the University of Calgary, and she is associate editor of the International Review of Science Fiction. Her latest short story, “From the Shoals of Broken Cities,” is available in the anthology Shades Within Us (Laksa Media 2018).


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