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ONLINE Beyond The Chosen One: Developing Characters for Genre Fiction

Kim Firmston
6-8pm MST
March 3, 2021 (4 weeks)
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The best part of making a story is creating the characters. In this course, you will not only dress your characters up using environment, ethnicity, race, lore, etc. but, using your chosen brand of genre fiction, nuance them to show off their personality, backstory, status, and unique items.

Learn how to avoid Mary Sues, overly tragic characters, and The Chosen One trope by creating well rounded main characters while keeping genre rules in mind. Incorporate goal, motive, conflict, education, style of conflict management or fighting, and hobbies or interests. Create engaging antagonists. Then get to know what your characters think of the world when not engaged in the plot.

Make your world a diverse place without falling into harmful stereotypes. Learn methods to research and incorporate disabilities (hidden or physical), ethnicities, gender, and sexuality, and what traps to avoid. Explore how to mirror and comment on real-world issues and using your genre’s characters.

Finally, delve into your characters’ past to discover their voice and create distinct dialogue. Create genre-specific slang that makes sense and isn’t cringeworthy. Mirror physical movements with dialogue using everything that makes your characters unique to make them come alive.

When you are done you will have a cast worthy of your plot.

This is an interactive online class using the Zoom web platform.

Kim Firmston is a published YA novelist, specializing in teaching all aspects of writing and genre fiction for the past two decades. When not teaching, Kim works on writing everything from novels to plays to video game scripts (though computer coding still eludes her). She is often found in her basement creating stop motion animation or reading her extensive comic book collection. She loves teaching and has been part of the AWCS for over fifteen years.


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