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Micro-Workshops for Grades 3-6

Kim Firmston
Monday - Friday
10:45 AM - 11:45 PM
(1 Hour)
Member Price: $5
Non-member Price: $5

Learn everything from description, to history, to article writing and more in the most entertaining workshops for Grade 3 to 6 students (other ages welcome too). All classes will be in our virtual classroom. You will get a code to join the classroom by e-mail before we start. Having a webcam is a good idea (as kids this age communicate with actions as well as words). Kids will also need audio (speakers or headphones) and a microphone (on headphones or in the laptop).

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Monday – April 6 – Mountain Climbing on the Story Arc – learn about story arcs and how to use them.

Tuesday – April 7 – Poetry, Now with Rules! – try some structured poetry and see what happens.

Wednesday – April 8 – Mixed Up Genres – What happens when fantasy meets sci-fi, or horror meets romance?

Thursday – April 9 – Strange instructions – can you make and follow strange instructions?


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G3-6 Mixed Up Genres (A8)$5.00

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G3-6 Strange Instructions (A9)$5.00

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- Level: Grade 3-6 - Youth Programming: Online Micro-Workshops G3-6

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