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ONLINE Literary Devices: An Invitation to Explore

Laura Swart
July 13, 2020
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Readers like to search out meanings; they like to ask questions and solve puzzles. In short, they like to think. Literary devices are nesting dolls, essentially—they invite readers to enter in and find new things. In this micro-workshop, we’ll examine several literary devices and incorporate them into our writing: alliteration, repetition, metaphor, motif, symbol, allusion, and others. Bring 1-2 pages of double-spaced writing to class, and in a workshop approach, we’ll add layers of meaning to your piece with well-placed literary devices. All levels of writers are welcome.

This is an interactive online class using the Zoom web platform.

Laura Swart enjoys writing literary fiction, essays, drama, and poetry. She has taught writing classes to adult learners for over thirty years, encouraging students to find and raise their writing voices. Laura is director of I-AM ESL, a virtual language school that uses story and song to teach the intricacies of English to refugees. Her degrees and research in education, philosophy, and theology have shaped her thinking, her teaching, and her writing.



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