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Introduction to Poetry

Laurie Fuhr
April 9, 2019 (6 weeks)
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Do you ever get a line from a movie, or a song lyric stuck in your head? If someone says something unusual or profound, does it catch your attention? If you enjoy interesting and expressive collections of words, you might be a poet! Here’s a class that lets you know it and show it, the perfect class for beginners, and for those who have never written poetry before. What makes a poem a poem, and not prose or fiction? What are some breathtaking poems to inspire us, both classic and contemporary? What is poetic to you, in particular? How can you turn your own ideas, or the stuff of everyday life, into poems you can be proud of? What is rhyming poetry, free verse poetry, form poetry, slam poetry? Where do poets get published? What goes on in the local poetry community? Our new Intro to Poetry class is the place to fulfill your curiosity, write your heart out, and “spread your gorgeous wings and fly away,” as Joni Mitchell put it. Wasn’t that poetic of her? Register now to explore poetry in a comfortable, safe, stress-free environment.  


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- Level: Beginner - Course Type: Poetry

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