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IN PERSON 3 Month Novel Project: Powering Through Your Shitty First Draft

Sarah L. Johnson
10am-12pm MST
January 15, 2021 (12 weeks)
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NaNo for mortals is back and better than ever! Novel writing is hard, and perfectionism only makes it harder. Lower your standards and relax. No, lower…lower than that…half again as low…oh yeah, right there. See how good that feels? The first draft of anything is garbage and we’re going to embrace that, 3Mo-style.

Each class will include writing time with prompts and exercises, so no matter how bananas life gets, you will generate a weekly word count. We’ll look at elements of craft with an eye towards finding inspiration in our obstacles, track our progress, and let go of our egos by sharing bits of our wretched works in progress. 3MoNoPro is your support system, so lean into it. Let’s cheer each other on, and together we’ll finish what we start.

This course is for writers of all levels. If you can make writing your priority for 12 weeks, you can be a novelist.

This class will be offered in-person. Depending on the state of the pandemic in Calgary, it may be switched to an online format using the Zoom web platform. If you register, please be prepared to take the class either way.

Sarah L. Johnson is a bookseller, literary events coordinator, editor, publisher, and creative writing instructor. An Alberta Magazine Publishers Association finalist, her short fiction has appeared in Room, Plenitude, On Spec, and the Shirley Jackson award winning anthology TWISTED BOOK OF SHADOWS (Haverhill Press, 2019). She is the author of one collection of short stories SUICIDE STITCH (EMP Publishing 2015) and her debut novel, INFRACTUS (Coffin Hop Press, 2017). She is co-editor at The Seventh Terrace, a small press for horror fiction.


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