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Finding Creative Bliss: A Muse SWAT Team Workshop

Sharon McLeay
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
April 9, 2019 (8 Weeks)
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Non-member Price: $325

Do you recognize creativity as a central source of meaning in your life? Do you feel your motivation/inspiration—your Muse—has become somewhat uninspiring, is taking too many coffee breaks and vacations or simply gone AWOL? If so it’s time to call in the creative big guns. The 9 Modern Day Muses (& a Bodyguard)© SWAT team is a highly trained para-creativity unit you can call on anytime to keep help you complete any artistic project. This elite squad offers specialized ways and tactics you’ve likely never experienced before, all designed to revitalize and/or boost your originality and minimize chances of getting twisted off, lost, stuck or giving up. At the end of the 8-week workshop you’ll take with you all the 9 Modern Day Muse (and a Bodyguard)© hootsfa and talents and create a personal Muse which will always be there to help you:

  • Protect your creative brilliance;
  • Raise big ideas without breaking a sweat;
  • Tap into high octane imaginative fuel to fly over creative barriers;
  • Include play and silliness in your artistic process (because experts say fun is the key to creativity);
  • Learn why chocolate, wine and self-appreciation are a must;
  • Understand the creative side of “oops,” “whoa” and mistakes;
  • Break rules to find rare starters/solutions;
  • Buck up the courage to embolden uninhibited uniqueness;
  • Take pauses (not procrastination) and diversions to artistic excellence;
  • Manage the incoherent madness and darkness that comes with the creative territory and;
  • Get going and tap into your creative bliss.

Recognizing that no SWAT unit member ever ‘finishes’ training, your Muse will continue to be your point person, helping you maintain your creative braininess whenever something discouraging this way comes.



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