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Delivering the Message

Anne Metikosh
April 11, 2019 (8 Weeks)
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A lyricist wrote ‘bad moon on the rise.’  Listeners heard ‘bathroom on the right.’  Mondegreens happen often in songs, but misunderstandings can happen in novels, too.   If your message doesn’t come across the way you hoped it would, maybe you need to look at your delivery.

Grammar’s important in telling a story, sure, but so are voice, tone, word choice and rhythm.  Metaphor and simile.  Knowing when to say a little more, and when enough’s enough.

In this 8-week course, we’ll examine elements of language that contribute to a well-told tale.   Join us for a chance to learn why your story doesn’t read the way it sounds inside your head.

*note: for the first class, please bring a short (one paragraph) sample from your favourite writer


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