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D&D Summer – The Sunless Citadel – Grades 4-6

Kim Firmston
Second and Fourth Saturday, June-August
2-5 PM
June 13 (6 meetings over three months)
Member Price: $100
Non-member Price: $130

An online Dungeons and Dragons adventure for those new to D&D and more experienced players where treasure will be sought, monsters slain, and puzzles solved with you and your party. A game for kids in grades 4-6 (and mature grade 3).

Journey to the Sunless Citadel

Explore the once proud fortress that fell into the earth in an age long past. Evil has taken root at the citadel’s core within a blighted forest. Find the truth about this evil and destroy it while avoiding the warring tribes of kobolds and goblins, and possibly even a dragon.


6 available
Member - Summer D&D - Grade 4-6$100.00

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6 available
Non-Member - Summer D&D - Grades 4-6$130.00

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AWCS Youth Member$50.00

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- Level: Grade 4-6 - Course Type: Fantasy Role Playing - Youth Programming: D&D

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