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Creating Magic Systems

Suzy Vadori
Tuesday - Friday
2-3 PM
April 14 - April 17 (4 classes)
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Love reading about magic? Learn how to write about it in this interactive workshop. We’ll discover together what makes up a complete magic system including some standard elements. We’ll also discuss magic systems in literature that we admire. Students will then have the opportunity to create a set of rules for their own magic system, and practice writing in this newly created world in a way that will keep readers guessing what’s coming next.

Suzy Vadori is the Bestselling Author of The Fountain, and The West Woods, Books 1 and 2 of The Fountain Series, published by Evil Alter Ego Press. This fantastical Young Adult Series has received two Aurora Nominations for Best Young Adult Novel, as well as Five Stars from both Readers’ Favorite and San Francisco Review of Books. She instructs writing workshops and camps for youth around the city and at the AWCS.


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Creating Magic Systems$60.00

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- Level: Grades 4-12 - Youth Programming: Online Micro-Classes

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