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Being You in Memoir

Sharon McLeay
April 10, 2019 (8 weeks)
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Are you having difficulty starting, structuring and/or finishing your life story? Sometimes the difficulty stems from too much knowledge about other memoirists’ personalities, approaches, styles and voices and not enough understanding of our own. Socrates’ “know thyself” was never more appropriate than in the case of the memoir writer. Readers depend on a genuine representation of you for interest and meaning and to identify with your story. Without authenticity there can be no trust between the reader and writer.

Being You in Memoir is an eight-week course designed to help you use memoir writing to probe deeper into who you are—your values, beliefs, fears, life passions, expressions, cultural influences and more—and figure out how to infuse that ‘flavor of you’ into your memoir. Your life influences and societal norms have molded you into the unique person you are today, a ‘you’ who should be reflected in every title, chapter, story, character, voice and more. Through the use of journal writing you will:

  • Explore identity;
  • Develop your memoir purpose;
  • Work out a design/organizational strategy;
  • Develop a genuine voice;
  • And write authentic titles and stories.

At the end of the eight weeks you’ll leave with a stash of titles and stories under your arm and a personal plan to guide you to the completion of an authentic memoir.


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