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And the Moral of the Story Is…

Heather Osborne
6:30PM - 9:30PM
September 19, 2019
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Theme is the organizing principle of a piece of fiction, whether it’s a short story, a play or a novel. One very simple way to think of theme is “the moral of the story.” But that simple description can be challenging to implement! How do you make sure your characters’ actions and beliefs reflect the story’s theme–without being preachy? How can story elements like conflict and setting help to bring the theme down to an easily-pitchable sentence for editors and agents.

In this three-hour micro-workshop we’ll be brainstorming, plotting and diving into writing exercises. There will be discussion and workshopping of ideas we come up with. Bring the germ of an idea or a draft of a story that hasn’t quite gelled. Leave with a one-sentence pitch, an outline or scene list, and a temp[late for discovering your theme in future stories.


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