Employment Opportunities

Tutors wanted for clients of all ages.

We are currently seeking tutors in the areas of English Language Arts and Social Studies for

  • Elementary/jr high school youth
  • PAT prep
  • High school youth general essay and homework help
  • High School Final Exam Prep (CART, PRT, and Social Studies source analysis and position papers)
  • IB and AP level
  • University applications
  • Adult reading and writing improvement / English as a second language
  • Academic Writing for University

Please send a cover letter and resume to Kim Firmston (kfirmston@alexandrawriters.org). Teaching experience an asset. High school students are welcome to apply to teach two grades and younger than themselves. Deadline for applications: August 25th

Workshop & Course Teaching Opportunities

The Alexandra Writers’ Centre is fortunate to employ a wide variety of instructors from the Calgary writing community and from among Canadian writers more broadly. Instructors develop workshops and courses based on their areas of expertise, whether as authors, editors, teachers, or in another related area.

From the basics of finding inspiration and putting pen to paper, to specific tools and techniques, we’re always looking for new angles and new workshop ideas. If you are a published author, professional editor, or have teaching experience, we’re interested in hearing your pitch for a class you’d like to teach.

Please note that scheduling preference will be given to current instructors.

How To Pitch A Workshop

Pitches need a hook! We’re looking for workshops that don’t cover the same old ground–or that cover it in a new, interesting way. Take a look at our Courses And Workshops. Is there a gap that catches your eye? A place where your area of interest would fit right in? Originality matters!

Your workshop’s title and blurb should work together to pique participants’ curiosity and excitement. To write your blurb, consider whether your workshop is geared to a broad audience that crosses genres, or if you’re tapping into a specific niche. How does your workshop provide participants with specific skills or techniques? What will participants walk out remembering, and excited to apply in their own writing? What exercises or teaching strategies might participants expect from you?

Secondly, we want to know that you have experience in the area covered by your workshop. What aspects of your own writing or editing practice can you bring to the participants? How does your experience translate to helping participants meet challenges in their own practices? Use your application to highlight your qualifications.


How To Apply

Your application should include the following:

  • A cover letter detailing your professional writing and/or editing experience (e.g. major publications, awards, education), and past teaching experience, if any. (Teaching experience is not required, but is advantageous.)
  • A CV listing publications and/or work in writing-related fields.
  • 2-4 workshop pitches. Each pitch should include the workshop title, a short blurb (~100 words), and a description (~100 words) of how you will teach this course in a three to five hour timeslot.
  • Your availability.

We look forward to hearing from you!

To submit applications, or for further information, please contact Ali Bryan at abryan@alexandrawriters.org or Robin van Eck at rvaneck@alexandrawriters.org