Have adventures! Think and write outside the box! Get on your feet and find adventure! This isn’t your average writing experience. Live what you write, play games, make friends, and have the time of your life with a pen in your hand (other writing implements welcome as well)!


Before (8:00-9:00 AM) and After (4:00-6:00 PM) is available to campers for a $5.00/half hour fee. Please call the office to book your before and after camp care (403) 264-4730. Thank you!

Summer Writing Adventures Head outside for some fun in the sun and create stories, have adventures, play games, and even do a bit of writing!Aug 20-24, 2018,  5 days, 9-4 PM, Ages 8-13 – $275.00 members, $340.00 non-members


Teen Writing Camp Brave the perils of history, explore dungeons, run around outside with a sword in hand, and explore the world in a way that will make your writing, no matter what kind, pop, crackle, and fizz.Aug 20-24, 2018,5 days, 9-4 PM, Ages 13-17 – $275.00 members, $340.00 non-members.



Reality Is Optional Summer Fun Days
Miss the best writing club in town? Why wait until September? Join us for a full day of Reality Is Optional Kids Writing Club in the summer and write, explore, and get outside to see what kind of fun we can find. Each day is only $60.00 for AWCS youth members ($70.00 for non-members) – or get both days for 110.00. ($135.00 for non-members). 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Ages 7-17.

  • July 11 – Fantasy Adventure day – Learn about true fairy lore, role play, make drinkable potions, go on adventures, and basically get up to Fey Mischief – wand in hand.
  • August 8th – Movie Day! Write and film your own movie then edit it together to create an Oscar winner. Don’t forget the trailer and movie poster!



PD Days

Need a fun place to go when school isn’t in? Come and play with us. We have great topics, lots of writing, and a good time spent with new and old friends.

The day runs from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. All grades welcome.

Before and after care available from 8:30-9:00 AM and 4:00-6:00 PM $2.50 / quarter hour. (contact the office to make arrangements – info@alexandrawriters.org)


Oct 5 – Maraya Loza Koxahn – Leaping Through a Door
A story journey through time travel and exploration.

Oct 26 – Suzy Vadori – Writing with Feeling
Learn how to tap into your own experiences, applying them to your fiction writing. We’ll learn journaling techniques, and apply them to writing fictional scenes.

Nov 23 – Maraya Loza Koxahn – What if?
If you were very, very small; if you were very, very tall. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Nov 30 – Maraya Loza Koxahn – Poetry Anything!
Learn and play with poetry.

Dec 7 – Suzy Vadori – The Magic of Writing
We’ll learn how Magic Systems are created, design our own magic, and write stories in our newly created worlds.