Considering applying for the Author Development Program but aren’t sure it’s the right fit for you? Here’s what some of our past participants have said.

Participation in the Author Development Program has made a huge difference in my writing. My manuscript has advanced tremendously. Thanks to the support and feedback of my story coach, I have learned far more than I believe I could have, had I been just taking courses and working on my manuscript alone.



I applied to the program because I was looking for a more in-depth learning experience, but was hesitant to embark on an MFA program. I had just finished the first draft of my first novel which, although an achievement, was a false summit. I knew it needed more work. I knew it was far from “agent ready”, but I was fumbling with how to make it better. Attending short courses, reading in my genre and studying how-to-write manuals had opened my eyes to the tools, but I used them haphazardly and in isolation to each other. Being a part of this program opened my brain to the next level of understanding and I am now working with an editor on an “agent ready” version. What makes this program so special? For me it was the one-to-one in person critique, advice and support from my story coach. To have a professional author who was invested in my manuscript, who provided tireless feedback, and who I trusted, so when they said it was good I believed them, was invaluable. In summary, the Author Development Program was the springboard I was looking for.



Thanks in large part to this program and especially Rona, I have come to the point where I actually submitted my manuscript to a potential publisher. This program helped me get to an ending (and a beginning I suppose).



Since being part of the Author Development Program, I have a much clearer vision of my work as a whole. Through my coach and the workshops I attended, I’ve learned how to write in scenes, set proper pacing, and also bring clarity and intention to every scene. I honestly can’t believe how much the quality of my work has changed. This program has been an incredible learning experience and a great push in the right direction.