2018 Writer in Residence…

Readings, Workshops and more…


Welcome to the Literary Playground

Thursday, March 1, 2018 | 7pm | RGO Treehouse

4th floor @ cSpace, 1721, 29th Ave SW

Dust off that sand bucket and shovel and climb into the Literary Playground with Sarah L. Johnson as she kicks off her residency with this fun-for-all welcome reception. You’ll make new friends, build sand castles and so much more. Bring your friends. Guaranteed to be an evening you don’t want to miss. Special guest reading, Micheline Maylor, AWCS 2017 Writer in Residence.

FREE to the public.

RSVP to info@alexandrawriters.org 

Playdate #1 

Friday, March 9, 2018 | 7pm | Alexandra Writers Centre

Come together with other writers for an evening of fun writerly games, belly laughs and snacks. 

FREE to the public.

Book Launch

April 19, 2018 | 7pm | Studio Theatre, 1st Floor, cSpace King Edward 

You’re all invited to join Sarah for the launch of her second book, Infractus. 

Abandoned as a newborn, a nameless boy roams the streets of Vancouver like a mouse, living by few rules, under the wing of a charismatic grifter, while a voice in his head whispers very bad things in the night.  When a terrorist attack destroys the global balance of power, society bleeds into anarchy. For the mouse to survive, his rules have to change.

From the ashes of chaos, Panopticon rises, a shadow regime exercising control through surveillance, and the occasional act of erasure. The mouse – now a man – becomes an invisible assassin in their New World Order. It’s a dirty job, but for a nameless misanthrope with a terrible voice in his head, it’s just about perfect. At least, until he’s nearly decapitated by a strange woman with an even stranger proclamation of looming Armageddon. She offers him a choice: help her destroy Panopticon, or take a seat for the end of the world.
The voice in his head has been biding its time, armed with a secret as old as time, as old as the world itself. It waits to speak an ancient name that will invite a reckoning. An edgy, subversive apocalypse tale that explores the depths of human existence and the heights of our collective fears. Another spectacular adventure from Coffin Hop Weird

Playdate #2

Friday, May 11, 2018 | Alexandra Writers Centre

Come together with other writers for an evening of fun writerly games, belly laughs and snacks. 

FREE to the public.




A Merry-Go-Round of Creativity and Inspiration

Three great workshops to get you inspired, meet new friends, and create stories.

March 17 — Creative Collaboration for Introverts | 10am-3:30pm

From multiple stories in a shared world to a single multi-authored story, how does collaboration work anyway? Find out in this fun hands-on workshop where we’ll throw off the shackles of solitude, put our heads together, and build a story from the ground up.

In the spirit of introverted collaboration, this workshop is structured to give students time to work alone undisturbed, and time to come together and form a hive mind. Each exercise will build on the last and in between we’ll exchange ideas, explore different directions, and formulate our collective vision for moving forward.

April 14 — Block Busters | 10am-3:30pm

The dreaded writer’s block. What is it? How does it happen? And most importantly how do we get past it? Be prepared to demolish some obstacles in a workshop that will provide you with the tools for tearing down and tunneling through. Hardhat and steel-toed boots optional.

This workshop is exercise heavy, but they’re not all writing exercises. We’ll write, but we’ll also read, converse, confess, play games, go outside, move our bodies, and meditate. Not every technique will work for every student, but the hope is that everyone will walk away with their own personal sledgehammer, ready to reduce that wall to rubble.

May 12 — Light in the Darkness | 10am-3:30pm

Whether you’re writing truth or fiction, our work often ventures into dark corners of the heart. Childhood trauma, grief, disease, heartbreak, war, abuse etc. It’s not easy staying healthy and happy while in the trenches of those projects. In this workshop we’ll have discussion and exercises that tackle difficult subjects, interspersed with fun activities, music, and tasty nibbles. As creatives, it’s vital that we develop the ability to shut the door on our work when we need to. Life is beautiful and enjoying it builds an emotional resilience that makes us better writers.

All workshops are now available for registration. Please see Creative Writing Courses page under Writer in Residence Workshops