2015 Writer in Residence – Lauren Carter

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Lauren Carter
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Creating Deep Characters (7 Seats Available)

Lauren Carter
April 18, 2015
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Non-member Price: $110

Characters make or break a story and the truer to life they are and the deeper their motivation, the more your reader will believe in them. The best characters have fears, secrets, and contradictions, and in this workshop we’ll do several writing exercises to create a few people and build up their layers. We’ll also investigate how the strongest plots grow out of character, and through sharing and discussion of your work, come up with a workable plot line to launch or deepen your short story or novel.

At the end of this full-day workshop, participants will:

  •  Recognize the necessary limitations of creating fictional people
  •  Define a variety of qualities that make compelling characters
  •  Analyse character motivation
  •  Invent a character and explore them from many angles (ie. appearance, physical surroundings, family, secrets)
  •  Explore the psychological motivations of their invented character
  •  Discuss how the desires and choices of characters lead to plot
  •  Consider the cause-and-effect of their own character choices
  •  Develop a workable plot-line involving their new character

Resuscitating the Writer Within (7 Seats Available)

Lauren Carter
May 2, 2015
Member Price: $50
Non-member Price: $110

Do any of these excuses sound familiar: I don’t have time, I’ve got nothing important to say, I won’t ever be as good as [insert favourite author], I will fail. Most writers invent a lot of reasons to NOT write in order to avoid the uneasiness that comes with writing. This workshop will help you tackle this anxiety. Through guided meditations, writing exercises, discussion, and safe sharing, you will name and address the anxiety that arises when faced with the creative act and start moving forward in order to tap into and consistently fulfill your deep desire to write.

At the end of this full-day workshop, participants will:

  •  Discuss resistances and listen to those experienced by others
  •  Understand that anxiety often accompanies creativity
  •  Define fears common to many artists
  •  Practice quieting the mind and connecting with the urge to write
  •  Write from a place of calm excitement
  •  Reflect on the necessary commitment to facing anxiety in order to create

Writer in Residence Welcome Reading

March 31, 2015 |7pm | Owl’s Nest Books (815A, 49th Ave SW)

Join AWCS in welcoming Lauren Carter as our 2015 Writer in Residence. Lauren will read and answer questions about her residency. Meet and mingle with other writers. Everyone welcome.

Wine and refreshments.

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Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Lauren will be accepting submissions of poetry and prose. Please follow these guidelines or your manuscript may be returned.

For all submissions, please include a one page cover letter outlining any specific questions you may have regarding your submission and your writing experience, including workshops you’ve taken, places you’ve been published, if you’ve had your work reviewed in the past. 

Emailed submissions should be submitted in .doc, .docx or .pdf file format.  

Prose Submissions (Fiction or Creative Nonfiction)

  • Maximum 14 pages, double-spaced, in an easy to read font (Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman) 12-pt font.
  • Your name and title of submission should appear in the page header, please number your pages.
  • Emailed manuscripts are preferred. 

Poetry Submissions

  • Maximum 8 poems. One poem per page (unless longer poem)
  • Poems should be single-spaced in an easy to read font (Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman) 12-pt font.
  • All pages should have your name and title of poem in the header.
  • All poems should be in one document.