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Without the thoughtful assistance and commitment of our volunteers, we would not be able to maintain the quality of courses and programs for which we are well known. 

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Casino Volunteers Needed – November 19 & 20, 2015

Our next casino will be held November 19 & 20, 2015 at Cowboy’s Casino. We still need a few cashiers, chiprunners and countroom staff. 

Part-Time Newsletter Editor Needed

We are currently looking for someone with great online capabilities to design and send out our monthly newsletter and weekly e-blasts. MadMimi mailing platform. Can be done for the comfort of your own home. Approx. 2 hours per week, less when you get used to the system. 

Social Events Volunteers Needed

From write-ins to quarterly social meetups, we are looking for a small team of volunteers to plan and organize some social events for the membership. Could be discussion groups, literary lunches, special readings…it’s all up to you. Have some ideas for great social events you’d like to see, come and volunteer and make those events a reality. 

Christmas Party Volunteers Needed

We are looking for a few skilled and organized individuals to help from planning to implementation of the upcoming Christmas Party. The team of volunteers would meet from September to November to discuss plans and ideas and then put them into action.

The Christmas Party will be held December 4, 2015. You could expect to put in roughly 30 hours over the 3 months including the day of the event.

Writer in Residence Coordinator/Committee Needed

The AWCS is seeking individuals to be part of a Writer in Residence Committee for the coming year. The team will meet and elect a lead coordinator who will report to the event coordinator or program manager. The team will be responsible for planning and organizing all writer in residence events and programming for the year as well as reviewing applications and selecting the writer in residence for the subsequent year.








To volunteer please submit a letter of interest along with your resume to or respond directly to one of the above opportunities.