Mentor in the Loop
A one-week mentoring program with a twist.
No manuscript reviews.
This is an opportunity for emerging writers to come and chat and get advice from a more experienced writer. Talk about the writing process, publishing, offer encouragement and support.
Selected mentors are required to be on site for a one-week commitment of 5-6 days. Days or Evenings. Must include either a Saturday or a Sunday. So for example you could be onsite from Sunday to Thursday or Tuesday to Saturday, all days, or all evenings or a combination of both.
Mentors are required to offer:
  • availability min. 5 hours per day for 5 days.
  • Pre-scheduled and drop in advice sessions (as needed)
  • 2 – 2-3 hour workshops
  • 2 other writing events of your choosing. ie. blue pencil, special sit and write sessions with the mentor, discussion groups (this could also mean simply facilitating our already established events like Writer’s Circle or Write Nite or Free Fall Writing)
Honourarium: $1000
If you’re interested in this new program, please submit your applications by May 31, 2017
Application Package Should Include:
  • Cover Letter stating why you would make a good mentor and your preference of month (September – June) and days or evenings, the more flexible you are the better.
  • A short bio of about 100 words.
  • CV outlining publications and teaching experience.
  • Proposals for 2 short 2-3 hour workshops, a full day workshop and 3 potential writing events. (Note, you likely won’t be required or have the time to do them all)
  • Preference will be given to Alberta residents.
Applications should be emailed to Robin at Please use Mentor in the Loop Application in the Subject line. Applications will be accepted each year from February 1-May 31.
We will accept 10 writers each year so please feel free to share this widely.