Mentor In The Loop


Our inaugural Mentor in the Loop program begins in September 2017 and will run to June 2018. Each month, an established writer will spend a week at the Alexandra Writers’ Centre facilitating events, leading workshops, and offering mentorship sessions to new and emerging writers.

Mentorships sessions are conversations–a chance for you to discuss your writing and ask questions. Whether you are looking at how to get published, how to overcome writer’s block, or how to address lingering self-doubt, the mentor will encourage and support you in all your writing goals. Whatever you need, the Mentor has been there.

Additionally, you can attend workshops and writing events to get you going. Mentors may offer Blue Pencil sessions to look over a sample of your writing.

There will be a new mentor every month, and programming will vary depending on the mentor.

Book a private session or register for one of the many workshops or other group events that will be offered over the week.

Affordable mentoring for all writers.

  • One-on-One Mentoring Session:
    • Members: $25/session
    • Non-Members: $35/session
  • Group Sessions:
    • Members: $5/session
    • Non-Members: $10/session
  • Mentor Workshops:
    • Regular Workshop Pricing (will vary)


September Mentor

Rona Altrows

Rona Altrows

Our Mentor in September will be Rona Altrows. Rona is a prolific writer of short fiction, creative non-fiction and plays. She is also an experienced editor who believes in respecting every writer’s voice and style, while offering constructive suggestions to help writers build on their strengths. During her tenure as Mentor in the Loop, Rona will be offering the following programs:

  • Workshop: First Person Fiction Writing
  • Write With Rona
  • Mentorship Sessions
  • Blue Pencil Sessions
  • The Writers’ Circle: Facing Your Writing Demons

For details and to register for these events, check our list of Courses and Workshops under the Mentor in the Loop heading, or download a PDF schedule.


Upcoming Mentors

Our upcoming mentors:

  • October: Steven Smith
  • November: Karen Lee
  • December: Anne Metikosh
  • January: Axel Howerton
  • February: Susan Forest
  • March: Kirk Miles
  • April & May: Writer In Residence
  • June: Maraya Loza Koxhan

Have any questions about the Mentor in the Loop program? Contact us!